GIG REVIEW: The Wombats @ Alexandra Palace 01/10/2015

Portaloos, overpriced cider, an array of fast food eateries, band tees and a crowd of fans with sequins glued in an ‘S’ around their eyes… The festival vibe was somewhat created despite being in a 19th century Palace. Recent memories of The Wombats at Reading 2015 instantly flooded back and I could not wait for their set to begin. 

This was the bands first, 10,000+ capacity gig… Exciting to be part of, huh?


Following the release of their latest, top 5 Album, the trio performed a strong set of singalongs, inclusive of 9 “Glitterbug” tracks.

Catchy. Up beat. Feel-good. I found myself singing along to their unconventional, slightly random but melodic lyrics. 

The highlights

  • Jump Into The Fog
  • The English Summer
  • Techno Fan

For me, these are the 3 which were most memorable. 

Firstly, Jump Into The Fog, which reached the UKs Top 40 Singles Chart the year it was debuted was my favourite performance of the night. I guess it’s those personal ties and reasons which connect you to a song, and for me, this is ‘one of those songs’. Jump Into The Fog was the first song I ever learned to play full-length on the drums and for that reason it remains to be my favourite Wombats track. Alongside having a personal achievement attached to it, I think it’s undeniabley a favourite for most fans of the band.

Next up, The English Summer.  Catchy, synthless (unusual for post-debut-album Wombats, right?) with a strong vibe of  A Guide To Love, Loss and Desperation.  The shortest track of their 2015 release Glitterbug but definitely one of the most effective. Epigrammatic. Short but sweet.

Finally, Techno Fan, which you may recognise following the use of it in EasyJet’s TV ad in 2011. (That’s if you’re not totally familiar with the band, or, if this provoked you to download This Modern Glitch). A track that sucks you in and gets you hooked. Cheesy. Up-beat. Summery. Feel-good. 

(YouTube // easyJet // The Wombats)


GIG REVIEW: Royal Blood @ Portsmouth Guildhall on 2 Mar. 2015

I have struggled to get Royal Blood tickets for London/ Brighton dates for 2 tours now, so opted for their Portsmouth show, 80 miles from home, to not miss out for a 3rd time.

The Guildhall is a spectacular venue- scenic, historic, intimate with amazing acoustics. I had side circle view of the show and it was incredible. The duo are super talented, creating so much noise and atmosphere with a base guitar and a drum kit. 

(Photo taken by myself) 

Their show was a 14 song set which kicked off with Hole from their EP ‘Out of the Black’.  Noisy. Full on. Energetic. Exhilarating. Heavy.

My favourite songs of the night included: Figure It Out, Little Monster, Careless and Out Of The Black. All of which are from their debut album ‘Royal Blood’. Throughout their show I was fixated on drummer, Ben Thatcher, admiring his talent and ability. As a drummer myself, it was so enjoyable to watch the performance. Bassist & Singer, Mike Kerr was sensational too. I was blown away by the speed in which in fingers moved up and down the neck of his bass guitar, especially throughout Figure It Out. 

The night was an earsplitting explosion of rock.

Royal Blood are probably the most talented performers I have witnessed & I am beyond excited to see them for the fourth time at Reading Festival 2015. 

Catfish & The Bottlemen @ Brighton Concorde II on 9 Dec. 2014


I was overwhelmed by how superb their performance was. This was my first experience seeing C&TB live and I will definitely up for more live performances from them.

Van McCann was vocally flawless- an incredible, gravelly, booming voice!

The set chosen included songs from their debut album (The Balcony, 2014) which has been a huge success for the band, charting at no. 10 in The Official UK Albums Chart in Sept. 2014.

3 word review: Energetic, Loud & Uplifting

Song of the night: Cocoon
Why? Cocoon was played towards the end of the set, therefore the crowd were pumped and full of energy. The energy of the performance created a fantastically loud atmosphere in which everyone was singing along/ fist pumping/ jumping around etc.