GIG REVIEW: You Me At Six AND All Time Low @ O2 on 14 Feb. 2015

The big tour that Sixers and Hustlers have been waiting on for YEARS is finally here in the UK. The co-head tour of All Time Low and You Me At Six- February 14th 2015 @ The O2 London.


First to the stage were All Time Low. Full of energy they opened with Love Like A War from their most recent album ‘Don’t Panic’. The crowd were instantly engaged and letting loose, jumping to the rhythm, fist pumping and singing along.

(Photo taken by myself)

Damned If I Do Ya, (Damned If I Don’t) from their album ‘Nothing Personal’. This song is a big hit with their fan base so brought a lot excitement to the Arena. Upbeat. Buoyant. A lot of fun!

Therapy also from their album ‘Nothing Personal’ was spectacular. The Arena was beautifully lit up with lights from phones and lighters, as Alex Gaskarth sung acoustically. The crowd in awe as he sung his heart out to a lyrically touching and emotional song. This performance was truly heart-felt and admirable.

Time Bomb from their album ‘Dirty Work’ was a lot of fun. The band chose a handful of fans out of the audience to join them on stage to rock out and sing along. Guitarist, Jack Barakat swapped his guitar for a t-shirt gun, firing merchandise into the crowd.
This performance was very crowd-engaging, lively and entertaining.


Even better if?…

As much as I enjoyed their performances, I feel like they could have had a stronger setlist. I was a bit disappointed that All Time Low chose to play The Irony Of Choking On A Life Saver as for me this is a ‘skip song’ off their album ‘Don’t Panic’.
I feel that that they could have included a few bangers from their earlier albums, such as Coffee Shop Soundtrack or 6 Feet Under The Stars.

Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed their show and would definitely like to see them live again.


The lights dimmed in the Arena and the crowd instantly went crazy. Each band member took to the stage individually, creating a suspensive atmosphere, as the crowd patiently waited for Front Man, Josh Franceschi to appear.
The band began to play a heavily instrumental intro which quickly dissolved into Room a To Breathe off their number 1 album ‘Cavalier Youth’, in which Josh Franceschi emerged from behind the scenes. The crowd ROARED with excitement!!
I think this was a perfect way to start off their show- the song itself is ideal for a stadium tour as it is strong & powerful and has lyrics which can be easily sung along to.


Loverboy, their lead single off their album ‘Sinners Never Sleep’ was my favourite performance of the night. The crowd were massively involved in the intro, replacing the music with their “lalalala” chants. The build up to the vocals was incredible. The atmosphere was incredible & the performance was incredible.

Underdog from their album ‘Hold Me Down’ is a fan favourite and a very well known You Me At Six song- an absolute classic!
The song was very fitting to the tour because during the night front man, Josh Franceschi told the audience he’d always dreamed to stage the O2 but in the bands eyes it would never happen. However, the ‘underdogs’ did it- achieving their dream; headlining the O2 arena in which so many famous musicians have stepped.


Crash from their album Sinners Never Sleep was beautiful. For the second time of the evening the Arena was lit up by phones and lighters; the mood of the Arena dropped as the tempo slowed and the crowd were in awe once more.
Juxtaposing ‘Valentines Day’ the heart-ache song was welcomed by the crowd as they sang along and waved their arms to the rhythm.

Bite My Tongue off their album ‘Sinners Never Sleep’ was their first performance of their encore. The original version if this song features Bring Me The Horizon’s Oli Sykes who has a break towards the end if the song- fast pace, aggressive & ‘screamo’.
For this performance it was down to Franceschi to ‘scream’ Sykes’ part.
Throughout the song I reminisced of You Me At Six’s pre album songs where they had heavy, ‘screamo’ vocals in their music, such as This Turbulence Is Beautiful.
I have been a long term You Me At Six fan so thoroughly enjoyed this performance, as I took a trip down memory lane!


Even better if?…

I would have loved You Me At Six to have interacted with the crowd more. I don’t know whether it was down to nerves that Josh didn’t really talk to the crowd or because he wanted to play as many songs as possible in the time scale allotted. Who knows?
Nevertheless, I had a GREAT time and am looking forward to seeing them perform at Isle Of Wight festival in June 2015.




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